10 Things New Moms Go Through

I’ve been taking care of two kids for 5 months now. If you could see me you’d know I was patting myself on the back.

Carebear is getting along great with #1 and also the two furry critters. She loves the dog, the dog loves the cat and the cat loves Carebear. It’s a crazy little love triangle!

Aside from the spit up that you can never catch in time, things are splendid. We’re getting into a good little blended family kind of groove. Although there were a few (or more) things that I forgot about that new mothers go through. Don’t judge me. It’s been 13 years since I took care of a baby.

For example, lopsided boobs are a thing. Did you know that? And mascara on one eye…that’s a thing too. Well I decided to track some of the things that new mothers go through and put them into a video. Check it out below.

If you have your own thing add it in the comments so we can chat and laugh about it.

2 Responses to “10 Things New Moms Go Through

  • christineokello
    1 year ago

    You’ll be so tired that when the door bell goes, and you’re in the middle of a feed, you’ll put baby down, get the door… postman looks at you weird. It’s not until you’ll be back to picking up baby that you’ll realise the boob was out! You answered the door to the postman with a boob sticking out… but no baby! Happened to me! The joys of being a new mum lol!

  • Hi,
    You made a very funny but very true video. 🙂 Your baby is adorable! 🙂 I like the warming up the coffee and not drinking it, and using extra arms and hands. 🙂

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