Bold Moves

After 30+ years it was finally time to meet my dad for the first time.

To be honest, it should have been a decision that I thought long and hard about but it wasn’t. It was a split decision. That’s actually a good thing because if I hadn’t just up and decided to take the road trip I probably would have chickened out.

Thankfully, my life wasn’t set up that way and in March of 2016 I, along with my brothers, daughter and husband, set out to meet the missing piece in our family over a very long road trip. Very. Very. Long. Almost 1000 miles one way. And the time it took to get there-in rush hour traffic-over a holiday weekend. You just don’t wanna know those kind of details. Just know it was long.

In my opinion I handled everything pretty darn well, not the road trip. But the meeting of my dad. I mean, I also handled the road trip pretty well too. Maybe it was the shiny black Dodge Caravan that made the trip easier or it could have been the people I was surrounded by. You can decide for yourself.

Press play.

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