Carebear Turned 1

It finally happened. Quicker than I wanted it to. Carebear is 1-year-old.

If you’ve been following our journey you’ll know that this moment is particularly special. When Hubbae and I first started trying to get pregnant I experienced a miscarriage. The miscarriage came during a trying period in our lives when we dealt with a lot of loss. It took some time to heal from that but we decided to try again and even then, things weren’t smooth sailing.

Like the first pregnancy, I began to spot with Carebear. I remember crying to my husband because I thought we were going to lose our second baby and I just knew that I couldn’t go through that again. The bleeding warranted an early trip to the doctor for an ultrasound and this time there was a heartbeat. Tears of joy rolled down my face as the tech said, “Your baby is fine.”

We celebrated until we hit another hurdle. When we found out the sex of the baby we also discovered I’d started to dilate. The good news, we got to have weekly ultrasounds to check on baby. The bad news, I dilated to just over 1 centimeter and my cervix had started shortening. In layman’s terms my body was preparing for birth five months early.

“You have options,” the doctor told us at the hospital. “There is a procedure called a cerclage where we sew up your cervix to keep you from dilating. It is considered surgery and these are the pros and cons. We need to know your answer immediately.”

Two days later I was in the operating room.

With every week the pregnancy progressed, Carebear’s chances of survival increased.

It is only because of everyone’s prayers and God’s will that Carebear made it. She was born right on her due date at 4:05 AM. Labor was very short and the doctor almost didn’t make it into the room.

Carebear continues to be a blessing and we’re so excited to share our Rainbow Baby’s Journey with you through her video below.

P.S. She’s not too fond of cake. If I didn’t know any better I’d think she wasn’t my child.



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