Some days I get it right. Other days…

All that counts is that I’m trying.

Every. Single. Day.

I don’t stop trying to be everything I can be for them and I don’t stop doing everything I can do.


It’s not easy to be a mother. It’s not easy to be a wife. It’s kinda easy to be a pet owner but they get on my nerves so I’ll say that’s not easy either. But it’s always worth it. My family is special to me in a special way. Daisy (catty too fatty) is knock-kneed, Foxx (the dog) is a whiner with one bowed-leg from a freak accident, Amani (#1) is sassy and sweet, Cara (Carebear) is the tiny bundle of energy and Lamar (Hubbae) is the guy who cares more about others than himself.

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