About Just, Cori

Somebody cue the chorus to “Who’s That Girl?”

I’d like to say I began my genuine journey at birth but I didn’t.

The process of acknowledging and accepting my genuine journey started circa 2011 when I took the Building Healthy Relationships class and learned why looking back to move forward is necessary. Since then I’ve been healing emotionally and becoming a more whole person with the help of my family and gentle nudging from God.

Along the path I even made a significant journey to meet my father for the first time! If you’re a reading type of person you can read that here. If you enjoy videos more you can watch the vlog here. In addition to that I also began CBB as an outlet for women to share their story that features the better within their bitter. Then came Genuinely Ever After.

Genuinely Ever After was birthed out of a necessity to have a space that encompassed everything that I am.

So here I am, pledging to use storytelling to help women embrace their genuine journey. I do that in a variety of ways that include sharing my story through blogging and vlogging, affirming your shine by way of The Diamond Vow and assisting you in your storytelling by acting as your professional editor and providing writer’s tips through #tipstuesday.

Outside of everything above, I’m blessed to be able to mother, wife, work and write (glimpse into my love, life, family and fun and then read about it on the blog). It’s a lot and I become overwhelmed at times but I love it! Check out the slideshow to peek into my life.

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So, that’s me in a nutshell. I am Just, Cori and I am Genuinely Ever After.

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