Mom’s Night Out

Mom’s night out. Beautiful. Beautiful. Mom’s night out.

“Do you have anything to do next weekend?” Hubbae asked.

I thought for a minute. “No.”

“Okay, well I have something planned so don’t make any plans. You’re gonna be excited. This some new…”

We both laughed, I patiently awaited the end of the week and he warned me, “There is no backing out.”

As a mom, wife, writer, pet doctor and rescuer (I’ll tell you about our latest adventure soon), entrepreneur and everything else, something is always coming up. While that something else doesn’t require me to put what I’m currently doing on the back-burner, I almost always do. This was one of those times.

“Geez, I have to put her down.” #1 placed Carebear back on the couch. “She’s hot.”

I didn’t think anything of it because Carebear is a baby whose body temperature always seems to be warmer than everyone else’s. It wasn’t until I picked her up that I realized she most definitely was warm and it wasn’t because of the temperature outside. She was running a fever of 102.4.

I badly wanted to call off the night away but couldn’t. While Hubbae is more than capable of running the household and taking care of the kids, I felt like, as a mom, I shouldn’t leave a sick baby.

Hubbae not so subtly reminded me, “No back outs.”

Off I went. My surprise included a one night stay at Metropolitan at the 9 and some other stuff that I wasn’t allowed to know until I arrived at the hotel. I still don’t feel like I should have left but I am really glad I did. I needed that night away to be Just, Cori and that is a vital source of self care.

Here’s how my night with my girls, Sharon & Vee, went.



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