The Red in Her EYES (1st Edition) Paperback

$10.99 $4.99

5 Star Reviews accompany this novel and word on the street is you can read it in under two days.

Only the paperback version is available.



The Red in Her EYES is being updated and re-released. This is the original version and only a limited number of copies are available.

Tristyn and Trey had a rocky ending to their college romance and now, seven years later, the relationship has a chance to blossom once again but Tristyn can’t shake the feeling that something just isn’t right. Is she just trying to protect herself from being hurt again or could it be something more?

Second chances don’t come along often and this time Trey is determined not to lose out on the best thing that ever happened to him. The only problem is that he still isn’t ready to make Tristyn his wife. Plagued with thoughts of losing her again, he makes the only decision he has left. Unfortunately, that ultimate decision may cause him to lose more than he bargained.


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